A return! How to prepare for success: lessons learned, future planned.

    Hello, I am Jon and this is The Hound Cave! Sadly, my last post was quite a while ago. College started and I have been taking 6 courses each semester to rush through it. This is for the best, as it has taught me ways to micromanage my time better. Today I will share ways I SUPERCHARGED my productivity, got back into control with my time and health, and ultimately PROPELLED me to a successful mindset.   🙂
   So what exactly have I learned these past few months? We can not succeed in anything without sacrifice. Some people have an idea that just because we enjoy something that we can do naturally, we are automatically on the road to success. Even I thought that during the start of this blog’s creation. I had planned the weeks ahead, came up with a certain set-up and I still failed. I let the speed of the world get to me, and I was stuck in the conveyor of cookie-cutter life. These are the steps I took, hopefully you will find it useful!
    My solution to the problem began with literally unplugging my internet for a couple of hours each day. It has boosted my productivity with music and writing; I have learned not one but three programming languages, and I have taken steps for financial progress(day trading and marketing using SEO’s, although these are for later posts). Before limiting myself, this time was spent doing pretty much useless activities; I mean how many youtube videos one person you watch? Are cat videos really worth it? I then began to work on my physical health. The status of our health affects the way we react to day-to-day things. Cardio is important for mental and physical training. It increases your oxygen level, boosts energy, and promotes higher thinking and learning. I suggest starting with  a 1mile walk and slowly transition to jogging/running. When I noticed my stamina levels increasing, it really inspired me to keep improving. 
    Finally, I set deadlines for projects. I find that I work best under a time constraints. The use of timers, schedules, and other apps that track my progress have let me customize the output level of projects and homework. Being able to go through with a deadline is a great indication that your time management is working, and celebration is in order! Do something special for the bigger projects completed on time, and if you were not able to make a deadline use this time to re-evaluate the techniques used. A notebook can be a tool for writing down times, thoughts of your schedule, and complications that you run across. No matter what you use, be sure to adapt and revise the plan.
This is only the beginning of tips and techniques,I will continue with more steps in future posts in an entire series of how to take control of your life. Be sure you leave a comment if you have suggestions, questions, or just want to say hello.


Welcome to the Hound Cave! (an introduction of sorts)

Welcome! My name is Jon, better known on the web as Hound. This place is what I like to call, the Hound Cave; my own personal “mind palace” for all things entertaining and helpful. Here I will share knowledge that has helped me on my path to personal enlightenment. Please bear with me while I adjust to this new space, and feel free to send any tips on using wordpress.

To get started I should share a few things about myself. I am an aspiring 20-something college student. One may think that I am majoring in philosophy or psychology, but no. I am getting a bachelors in Electronics engineering! I am fond of unique dinners, ambient or classic rock music, the stock market, and a good video game from time-to-time. I enjoy reading, although college has taken the majority of the reading time that I had. I love most genres of books, movies, and series. I tend to watch youtube, mostly the channels that have been around for at least 5 years(I have been a youtube fanatic since the start). If you would like to know more, introduce yourself and ask a question! 🙂

I have struggled for a long time trying to figure out my life goals. Even after the realization of those goals, I knew that it would take a lot more than notes scribbled on paper to be able to make it. This drove me to find ways to boost my productivity, lower my mental walls, and to be able to focus on what is important. My first order of business here is to share the 5 tips to step up, and change the ways of thinking. So be looking for my weekly blog, I can not wait to see you next time 🙂

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