Ain’t nothing but a Hound

Blogging all the time! (this is a reply to the daily prompt of march 30th)

What sort of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What effect, (if any) did it have on your musical tastes?

I actually think about this a lot. My dad was a musician in his teens and twenties, and the band was an up-and-coming national band. My mom was into the music scene as a listener, starting with bands like the Beatles. In a sense, they were into the “pop culture” of their generation. In the same way, I was into the pop scene when I was a kid. I was really into the boy bands of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Growing up with my parents, I listened to so much classic rock from the 50’s-80’s because they would listen to it a lot. I still remember my dad teaching me rhythm and timing. This really introduced me to the rock scene. In my teens I learned guitar and piano, and played in bands of all genres. Classic rock is still one of my favorite genres. I am thankful that they were SO into music because I truly live for it. Now I have a massive collection of vinyl to listen to 🙂
This goes into the discussion of how close we grow up to be like our parents. I find I enjoy many of the same things that my dad did when he was my age. I even see similarities to past generations of my family, and it opened a question in my mind: Could our experiences be transferred through genes, or are we simply mimicking our family to “adapt and survive”?
Reply down below your favorite memories of being introduced to music.


The Wandering Hound

In a reply to the daily prompt of March 19th, I decided to write about my vacation style. My family has always been one for scheduling and keeping up with the time. Ever since I was a kid I can remember our vacations being extremely planned out. Well, this past week I took a vacation. It was the first time I vacationed completely alone. I have found that I am not one for schedules and rigorous plans. In fact, I slept in my car the first few nights! I have always thought about why people freak out so much about their vacation time. It is for relaxing and getting prepared for the rest of the year. It is if people are too busy trying to have fun, they never actually get to experience life away from their normal hectic lives.
While having a plan in mind is always a necessity, I suggest to not let it dictate the trip. The world that we came from before our trip is extremely planned, it is the need of the business world. This business world has programmed us to rush about and to plan every aspect of our lives in the same manner. For that one-to-two week vacation that we get, we should take the time for our bodies to reset that programming to the natural and personal setting that is different for each of us. We can seek out the fun and adventure by allowing our true selves to make the decisions for the trip. I would have never done the awesome things that I did this week if my state of mind stayed the same from my life back home.

P.S My crazy and random style of vacationing allowed me to meet some amazing people. The kind where you see them once and remember them always. Not in a creepy manner, but somehow you know that you are connected in this world. This happened to me at a few places, including an ice cream shoppe. Even for the few minutes of talking and interacting, a person can change your life and mindset. Let me know in the comments if you have had the same experience of vacationing; and if you ever met someone who made a lasting impact, even if you never get to see them again.